Each mode of transportation has its benefits and drawbacks. Cars, however, are in many ways superior to buses, trains and other types of public transit. Here are the top reasons why.

1. Accessibility

There may be no public transport available in your area. The stops may be too far apart. People who are elderly or disabled may be unable to make the distance. It sometimes happens that you live at the top of a hill with the bus stop at the bottom.

2. Reliability and speed

Public transport is often slow. Buses may be late, while some destinations require you to use multiple means of transit. If you love being on time, you may not afford to wait. Naturally, cars get stuck in traffic jams, but in areas with moderate traffic a car is indispensable.

3. Other people

Everything public implies crowded areas. Aside from the possible body odor and dirty clothes, you may be allergic to perfumes. Finding a seat may be problematic, or they might not be comfortable. In addition, there aren’t any seat-belts to protect you in case of a (god forbid!) crash.

As the transit is public, you may bump into pretty creepy individuals. That’s why at night, transit is rarely safe for young women. Sometimes it is not safe for anyone in general.

4. Keep the children in a car

Young humans are curious to explore the world around them. Parents may not always contain their kids’ excitement while on a bus, train or subway. Traveling with children in a car is a lot safer. Besides, you may find other people’s offspring annoying, especially when they scream throughout the journey. You have no opportunity to calm the brats down, as they are not your own.

5. Shopping

All people need to shop for groceries, and many working people do it only once a week. To be healthy, we need dairy and fresh produce. Can you imagine going by bus with a week’s worth of groceries (especially for a family with several kids)?

Although men might not complain about all the heavy lifting, a woman or an elderly person should never do it. Besides, when purchasing heavier items and going by bus, you may suffer physical injury.

6. Social Status

Women love men who have their own vehicle because it projects independence and power. Nobody will brag about the public transportation they use. Many Americans feel that buses are for lower-class people who cannot afford a car. Such is the U.S. car culture. Just think of all the rappers praising their pimped up rides.