Traveling in winter is a must do thing for many families. In the majority of cases, families go to winter vacations in the mountains. Modern ski resorts are comfortable. One of such is situated in the Colorado state. Aspen is a splendid winter resort.

If one would like to reach such a place from Denver the best is to go there by car. If one does not possess a private auto, there are plenty of renting companies in Denver. The most important is to choose a car correctly. In the majority of cases, travelers have to choose between a sedan or an SUV.


There are many pros and cons when it comes to going to the mountains in a sedan. Here are some arguments that have to be considered:

  • Renting a sedan is not that expensive. It will definitely cost less than lending a sports utility car. Autos can be rented for the whole day or for several days. The price of rent usually includes the accidents insurance fee. The traveler doesn’t have to overpay.
  • It is comfortable. Sedans are really ideal types of cars for four people. Everyone has enough space in such a vehicle. The majority of sedans have lots of facilities inside. These are temperature regulators, seat regulators and much more.
  • Such cars maneuver better on the road than an SUV. It is particularly the case when it comes to driving on the mountain roads. These roads are very dangerous. The smaller the car is the better it is. Many cars are tested on mountain roads before they are put on production. It is good to choose Toyota, Mercedes, Volvo brand.

Sedans though have also some disadvantages when it comes to driving to the winter report. Here are some minuses of them, that need to be taken into account:

  • They are too small to transfer several pairs of skies. If a family has personal skies it will be hardly possible to transport them from the airport to a report. This has to be taken into account.
  • They will not drive well on the roads that are in bad state. That is probably the biggest disadvantages of them. If some parts of roads are not in the excellent state, it will not be possible to pass them in a sedan.

This is a quick overview of the sedan capacities and assessment of its comfort level. It is often more advantageous to drive an SUV car if one goes on a long trip to the mountains. Here are the benefits of renting an SUV:

  • They have lots of space. A sports utility car can perfectly accommodate from 4-6 people. It has a large trunk. One more benefit is that one can take skies and not to overload the car.
  • It perfectly drives on complicated parts of a road. This a very important quality of SUVs. It can happen a driver faces a difficult road to cross. SUV will do that without any problems.

It is one won choice what car to choose. Each choice has its pluses and minuses.